Huffington Post Censors Commentary

by BeingQuest

Any member of the Huffington Post community of social commentary and criticism (formerly understood) can attest with utmost confidence, based on their own experience, that since the takeover of AOL and recent policy changes of HP rules of participation in their commentariate, a heavy hand of Censorship has descended upon public discourse there and has virtually eradicated Free Expression at this site (except for acid-washed politeness being fostered under the banner of “civility” many are terming: vanilla nice, and other ideologically approved inanities devoid of veracity to “speak truth to power”: once the most unusual and admirable product of the HP commentariate, now defunct). The overwhelming disgust of disgruntled participants among the commentariate can be accessed here:

One cannot overstate the virtue of that Freedom of Expression fundamental to the right of Free People and the health of their civic organization. It is, in fact, the evidence of vitality and intelligence in public discourse in its broadest application, under various auspices (comedic, tragic, farcical, dialectical, cynical, skeptical, ironical and satirical) that gives heft and flight to the Word that would effectively speak Truth to power. Without the freedom to exploit ALL of these dynamic means of intelligent expression one is abandoned to, or cordoned off within, the faux liberty of “vanilla nice” that must level every excellence, redefine literacy and emasculate social discourse under the black flag and misconceived concept of “civility.” Such is precisely the case with HP and its censorial, heavy-handed and imperious suppression of Free Expression among its commentariate to date. It is the death-knell of that very virtue of “speaking truth to power” which once made HP a kind of Light in the midst of great political and rhetorical depravity issuing from America’s political and religious establishment today.